2011 Annual Business Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2011

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Below are the minutes of 2011’s annual business meeting, held on April 13th of 2011.


Meeting called to order at 7:59 PM by president, Dennis Wurster.

First item of business was presentation of the official slate of candidates for office for the term 2011-2012:


VP: Programs

VP: Publicity




(7 positions open)

(open) Keith Jackson Vicky Thayer Steve Rea Bob Taylor

Carol Arieno Carol Gac Rick Harrison Rufo Sanchez Lyle Tague Irwin Wagman


Candidates were introduced to the membership present. Ballots were distributed to members with a reminder that write-in votes were allowed, meeting was suspended to allow for voting, and ballots were collected for counting.

Meeting resumed at 8:29 PM

Report of the President on club activity during the preceding year (D. Wurster)

It was noted that discontinuation of distribution of a printed newsletter during 2010 had, as expected, resulted in a condition of ongoing financial stability for the club. Ef- forts to provide an equivalent level of information distribution to the membership, through enhancements in the club website, continue. It was noted that the board had during the year conducted an extensive review of possible alternative membership meet- ing locations, resulting in a conclusion that the facilities at East High School remain the overall best option. Tangible benefits of membership in the organization were reported to be in the process of being established. A brief review of programs offered to the mem- bership during the preceding year was presented. The president thanked members of the board for their efforts during the year, and offered a farewell to the membership in his official role.

Minutes of CIDER Annual Meeting, 4/13/11 page 2 of 2

Report of the Treasurer (S. Rea) Total assets were reported to be $2,224.50, offset by liabilities of $166.00, resulting in a

net balance in hand of $2,058.50. The current membership total was reported to be 68. Report of the Quartermaster (S. Rea)

The principal items of equipment in the club’s possession were reported to be a 2008 13” Macbook computer and an overhead projector. The latter item, though several years old, is deemed still capable of meeting the needs of the organization.

The floor was opened to the membership for presentation of business. None being of- fered, a motion to adjourn was entertained, a second was obtained, and the motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 PM

It was subsequently reported that an official tally of ballots submitted showed that all official candidates for positions on the 2011-2012 CIDER board. A write in vote for the open position of director was obtained, and will be effected with agreement of the named individual.

Report respectfully submitted, RWW Taylor 3/10/06


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