Special CIDER Business Meeting

December 28, 2011

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This message serves as official notice to the membership of Rochester Apple CIDER of a special business meeting of the organization. This special meeting will be held in conjunction with the regular January membership meeting of the club at 7:00 PM, January 11, 2012 in the Forum Room at East High School.

The purpose of this special meeting will be to seek approval by the CIDER membership of a revised set of bylaws for the organization. This is the sole item of business on the formal agenda; it is not anticipated that this will be a lengthy process, and the regular program planned for the evening will proceed thereafter.

The current set of CIDER bylaws, as amended April 14, 1999 by vote of the membership, are posted on the Bylaws page. The proposed set of revised bylaws, dated January 1, 2012, have been also posted on this site with all changes and updates to the existing bylaws indicated. Also, for the convenience of those wishing to understand the proposed changes, an Executive Summary has been posted that summarizes the changes and explains the rationale behind the proposal.

This proposal represents the hard work of many individuals over a lengthy peiod of time, and will be an important step in modernizing and simplifying our club operation. Please examine the proposed language prior to the meeting. In case you have any questions regarding the proposal or any clarification is needed, please contact the CIDER Board.

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