January 11th General Meeting

December 7, 2012

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Wednesday, January 11th @ 7:00 pm at East High School

7:00 pm CIDER Club Introduction – Dennis Wurster (5 min)

7:05 pm Apple News – Steve Rea, Dennis Wurster, Kevin Kondo (10 min)

7:15 pm Know Your Software: How to share one Mac with your family & How to manage multiple Macs at home by Steve Rea (15 min)

7:30 pm Know Your Hardware: Three different phone numbers: Frontier land-line, AT&T iPhone and Google Voice. I want to keep my iPhone number. I don’t want to merge the numbers. The process is to port my landline number to my Google Voice account via a cheap mobile phone.  George Fekete explains (15 min)

7:45 pm Know Your Internet: Avoid public Wi-Fi pitfalls by Dennis Wurster (15 min)

8:00 pm  Brief business meeting — call to order and vote on approval of proposed changes to CIDER bylaws; Bob Taylor presiding (10 min)

8:10 pm  BREAK  –    (15 min)

8:25 pm     Dash with CASH! – Five minute auction with cash only

8:30 pm Keynote: Killer news & information iPad apps. This is a demo of what you can do with an iPad including news aggregators like Flip and Pulse; TED (just released); Biblion – chronicling the 1939 World’s Fair; Beatles Yellow Submarine; Popular Science; latest weather apps (Weather Underground)  presented by Kevin Kondo (45 min)

9:15 pm Question & Answer Session – Steve Rea, Dennis Wurster, Kevin Kondo (15 min)

9:30 pm Wrap Up announcement, promote next month – Dennis Wurster

9:35 pm Meeting Ends

NOTE:  Please bring small computer items that you are willing to donate to Apple CIDER for the Dash With CASH auction

Note: All times are approximate.


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