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December 12, 2012

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A note from Bob Taylor with more info to help with the MobileMe transmigration.

Apple has been vigorously encouraging everyone who has been maintaining a MobileMe account to upgrade to their new iCloud service, since all benefits that come with the old service will disappear on June 30. A lot of attention has been focused on rescuing data stored on one’s iDisk and migrating any hosted web sites to a new server of some sort.

What hasn’t received a lot of attention is the email address and mailing capability that came with the old arrangement — there are implications for everyone who has established and is using an or mailing address. If you use such an address regularly without having yet moved to iCloud, you will have been getting urgent notice from Apple that special action is required in order to keep  your address in effect after June 30, and you may have already taken appropriate action.

But if you keep such an address without using it regularly you may have missed these notices. If you wish to hang on to this address, but will not be moving to iCloud before June 30, just access your MobileMe account and you will be guided through the quick process. Basically, all that is required is that you formally agree to the new Terms of Service agreement that comes with iCloud.  You can do this in under one minute if you don’t bother reading carefully through the agreement. This piece of language is a very interesting document, however, a masterpiece of legalese, and it may be worth studying a bit. There’s everything but the kitchen sink in there, it seems, the fruit of thirty years of experience on Apple’s part setting up licensing agreements.

Hmm, why not just move to iCloud directly? The big sticking point is that to do so you need to be running OS7 (Lion) or else a current version of some IOS system on a mobile device. Moving your whole setup up from OS6 (Snow Leopard) in a hurry would be a big deal, and perhaps not even possible depending on your hardware configuration. Apple presumably recognizes the importance of this legacy market, which is why they are offering this compromise. Grab it while you can!

Frequently asked questions about the MobileMe transition and iCloud

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