New CIDER bylaws (and a special offer)

December 6, 2012

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At the January CIDER general meeting the membership voted to approve adoption of a new set of bylaws for the organization that had been proposed by the CIDER board. The text of the new bylaws can be viewed on the Bylaws page of this site, or a PDF version can be downloaded here:

AppleCIDER – Club Bylaws adopted 1-1-12.

One of the major changes represented by this action is creation of a new membership class, Joint Membership, in addition to the standard Individual Membership option. A joint membership in CIDER is purchasable by any two individuals residing at the same address, and will confer full membership rights in the club to both individuals.

Subsequent to adoption of the new bylaws, the CIDER board voted to establish the following dues schedule, effective immediately:

Individual membership (one voting member) :  $30 / yr

Joint membership (two voting members):         $40 / yr

In order to resolve the status of currently-held CIDER memberships, the board has decided to identify each current unexpired membership as an Individual membership, applying only to a single person. However, the board also voted to extend a SPECIAL OFFER to the membership, good for a limited time only: Any currently-held individual CIDER membership may be upgraded, at no cost, to a joint membership for the unexpired remainder of the membership term. To apply for this upgrade, simply contact the CIDER secretary (Steve Rea) and specify the qualified second individual that should share this membership.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer will be good until elections are held at our March meeting and new officers and directors are seated. If this offer applies to you, please act fast!

/The CIDER Board